CoSA VFV Purpose

The committed actions and purpose of CoSA VFV are to provide:


  • Support: Meaningful support is provided for Core Members, especially by engaging in regular, committed contact and the providing of a forum (the Circle) in which healthy, non-offending, community living can be promoted and maintained.

  • Accountability: The Core Member’s desire to live a crime-free life, causing no more victims, is upheld through regular check-ins and queries toward accountability. By seeking a Circle of Support and Accountability, the Core Member commits to engage in a way that promotes “no more victims”.   The accountability function of CoSA seeks to uplift the Core member’s own pro-social commitment, and to challenge the Core Member when his or her commitment is waning or at risk of being compromised.

  • Positive modelling of healthy community living: The decisions and actions of each of its members affects the health of a community. CoSA volunteers provide a connection to, and examples of, healthy community living rooted in values of respect, inclusion, hopefulness, healing, and the commitment to do no harm.